Our data protection and privacy policy explains your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

‘The Primary Tutor Online’ is an educational company providing online tutoring to primary aged children.

- We are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our website.
- Copies of all identification documentation such as passports, driving licences and DBS details are securely held in order to safeguard the students that we teach.
- If you pay for our services via a debit card, we will collect payment information for this purpose only. All payment card information is handled by a third party.
- We keep the data of all tutors and clients private, secure and safe.
- The data that you provide enables us to manage our relationship with you as an individual so that we can offer the best service that we can.
- We will only pass on your personal data for the legitimate reasons that we are entitled to.
- We do not sell your data to a third party.
- Your collected data may help us, as an educational business, to show how our clients and tutors use our website.
- If you are a registered tutor or current client, we will legitimately communicate with you for as long as required in order to fulfil our mutual commitments.
- If you wish to amend any details about the data that is held about you make contact with us via email.
- Your personal details help to enable us to register you and to manage and process transactions. We use this information to deliver notifications and relevant marketing materials.
- Identity verification information is held to enable us to verify the identity of our tutors.

Updated - January 2024